• The SME Challenge

    Is a SME Accelerator Program that helps SMEs grow their business systematically






    We transform Business Owners into STAR Entrepreneurs





  • Grow Your SALES Challenge

    Grow Your BRAND Challenge

    Peak Performance Challenge

    GO DIGITAL Challenge

  • Most SMEs struggle to grow their business

    Is there a Formula or a Roadmap to grow my business ?

    YOU are Struggling with

    > SALES - Poor Sales, Slow Sales, Unprofitable Sales

    > TIME - there is just NOT enough time to do everything

    > FIRE Fighting - why must I solve all the problems

    > STRESS - money, relationship and health stress

    > TALENT - can't seem to hire and keep the right talent

    > CASH FLOW - the payment is more than the sales

    > BALANCE - no work life balance, business consume you

    > BURN OUT - you are just so tired and feel lost

    > FAMILY - Business is affecting your Family Harmony

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  • How can the SME Challenge help you

    How can it solve my Problems & Improve my Business ?

    > When you join the SME Challenge, you enroll in a STAR SME (Small Medium Enterprise) Accelerator Program to improve your business. It is a Roadmap to grow your business


    > You will get tools, training, help and resources on your journey to grow your business and achieve BETTER Business Results


    > You join a community of Business Owners to work on your business and to Break Through your barriers to success


    > It is FREE so there is NO MORE Excuses Not to Do Something ! Join NOW and grow your business



    If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. Join the Challenge and Win Together

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  • What you get when you Join the Challenge

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    Results come from taking

    Actions in Right Direction

    5 Things to help you Grow Your Business


    Boost your Sales

    1. Lead Generation Training
    2. Referral Marketing Training
    3. Sales Presentation Training 
    4. Attend 1 x Business Networking Event
    5. CRM Software to manage sales process


    Boost your Productivity

    1. Master Classes Training for Boss & Staff
    2. We have different topics (ongoing basis)
    3. HRM Software to manage your team

    Boost Your Marketing

    1. Digital Marketing Master Class

    Boost Your Business

    1. Double Your Business Workshop
    2. Action Plan Implementation

    Boost Your Resources

    1. FREE Software & Apps to boost your productivity
    2. FREE Resources to grow your business (ongoing basis)

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1. It is Free to join (as our Programs / Events are Sponsored)
    2. Our Programs have different Modules to meet different Business Needs
    3. Eg: Invite to various events and training; as well as access to resources
    4. When you join, you can choose what Modules / Resources you want
    5. Please Join our Program Briefing to know ALL the modules available to you and how to join in
    6. After you join Program Briefing, you will get a separate login page for express login for other events (no need to re key in your data again)
    7. You can Opt Out Anytime
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    SUMMARY -- How SME Challenge will help my Business

    Join FREE now and get the following help to Grow your Business

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    1. FREE Sales Training for boss and your sales team
    2. FREE Business Networking Event x 1 Visit
    3. FREE Apps & Softwares to manage your productivity
    4. FREE Master Class Trainings for your Staff
    5. FREE Resources to grow your business (ongoing basis)

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    Become a STAR Entrepreneur Today

  • Yes, I want to Join the SME Challenge

    & Grow My Business

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  • SME Challenge "STAR" Accelerator Program

    The SME Challenge STAR Program Solve Your 4 BIG Problems and help you

    Position your business to compete better in the global marketplace.

    Grow your business using the STAR Program : Sales, Training, Action and Resources

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    Sales Program

    We have a Sales Program to help you generate more leads and grow your sales

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    Training & Equipping

    We conduct Business & Digital Transformation Training to grow your business

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    Action Implementation

    We develop a Business cum Action Plan with you to achieve better Business Results

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    Resources for You

    We have collated a suite of Resources for you to use to scale your business

  • Benefits when you join SME Challenge ?​

    How we help SMEs and Business Owners Break Through !

    Problem # 1 > Poor Sales

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    • Most SMEs do not have a good systems to generate quality sales leads 
    • Weak Prospecting and follow up
    • Engagement with Prospects is not strong
    • No Referral Marketing system in place to get warm leads
    • Lack the training to boost your sales skills
    • Do not network actively to get leads

    Solution > Sales Program to boost your sales

    When you join the SME Challenge, you get help to grow your sales.
    Specifically, you will get the following help and support :

    1) Referral Marketing Training x 1 Session

    • How to do an Effective Pitch / Self Intro
    • How to get a Good Referral
    • How to give a Good Referral
    • How to track the Referral Pipeline & do Engagements

      2) Join a Business Networking Event x 1 to get Sales Opportunities

      • Invitation to a Business Networking event to meet prospects

      3) Sales Training x 4 Modules

      • Lead Generations (various techniques including using LinkedIn)
      • Prospects Engagement and Cultivation
      • Sales Person Time Management & Good Habits
      • How to Do a Proper First Meeting (with Prospects)

      4) B-2-B Sales Presentation Training x 1 Session

      • How to do an Effective B-2-C Sales Presentation

      The following is Sales Plus (+) Program


      +) Join a Sales Master Mind Group (SMMG) to get Referral Leads

      • Join the SMMG to boost your sales
      • Only 1 Trade per Group
      • All Sales People help to do good solid referral for each other
      • Members get access to Ongoing Sales Training by various experts
      +) Sales Automation and Engagements with Prospects
      • We give you a system to do effective prospecting and follow up
      • How to leverage an Email Automation System to boost your sales

      +) Ongoing Master Classes to Boost your Sales & Marketing

      • How to use Effective Content / Video Marketing to get Sales
      • How to use powerful branding to boost your Marketing & Sales
      • How to do effective B-2-B Sales Presentation Skills

      Problem # 2 > Lack of Proper Training

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      Training Issues in SMEs

      • Training helps to improve work performance
      • Without good, proper and ongoing training, boss and staff will not get the chance to develop their skills to perform better
      • Most SMEs lack the Resources (Time & Money) to send their staff for training
      • Lifelong Learning and Personal Development is not a "Culture" in SMEs
      • Boss and Staff are too busy Fire Fighting to set aside time for personal developments
      • SMEs don't get access to solid training that MNCs provide for their staff
      • There is NO Total Company Training Plan (TCTP)
      • Usually there is also No Career Planning for staff - and this results in lack of a Training Plan to develop the staff
      • Most bosses feel that staff tend to leave after a short stinct with the company and may not see the need to invest in training them up
      • Getting a coach or mentor to ensure Boss and Staff "Apply" what they learn is also lacking

      Solution > Training Program to boost Performance

      When you join the SME Challenge, you get Training to develop the Boss, the Senior Management Team as well as the Staff

      1) Sales & Referral Marketing Training

      • Solid Training to boost sales (see above)

      2) Business Transformation Master Class

      • Double your Business Training
      • Develop your 1 Page Business Plan
      • How to do an Effective Brand Audit
      • How to engage and coach your team
      • How to use Effective Content / Video Marketing to get Sales
      • Effective B-2-B Sales Presentation Skills
      • Brand Activation & Event Marketing
      3) Digital Transformation Master Class
      • Digital Transformation Road Mapping
      • Expert Training on latest Digital Social Tech

      4) Personal Transformation Master Class

      • We run regular training to equip your staff for better performance
      • Leadership Transformation for boss and leaders
      5) Financial Transformation Master Class
      • We run regular training to Leverage Finance to grow your business and personal wealth
      6) Experts Master Class
      • We run regular training by experts in the most current business topics

      Problem # 3 > Weak Implementation

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      Implementation Issues in SMEs

      • Most SMEs run lean - as such, the boss may not have the manpower to do proper business implementation
      • The staff doing it may not be trained - and this will affect the quality of work
      • Boss are usually the one implementing business ideas BUT he may be too busy fighting fire and doing Low Pay Off Activities to do so

      Solution > Action Planning & Implementation

      When you join the SME Challenge, we work with you to develop the Action Plan to tackle your key priorities

      1) Double Your Business Workshop

      • We do a Workshop to identify the major gaps in your business
      • We work with you to draft your One Page Business Plan

      2) Action Plan (12 Weeks Plan)

      • Develop your 12 Weeks Action Plan
      • Achieve 12 month's goals in 12 weeks !
      • Shorten your results time frame

      3) Implementation

      • We will do an Accountability Session to track your Implementation
      • Draft out the Action Plan for the next steps


      Problem # 4 > Lack Resources

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      Solution > Resources for you to grow your Biz

      When you join the SME Challenge, you will get access to the wonderful set of Resources to help you grow and scale your business. We will provide you with the Resources Info when you sign up for the SME Challenge

      1. FREE CRM
      2. FREE HRM
      3. FREE JOB POST
      4. FREE Business and Productivity Apps
      5. FREE Business Financial Review & Consulting
      6. FREE Wealth Protection and Hedging Consulting
      7. FREE Customers Satisfaction Survey and Report
      8. FREE Staff Engagement Survey and Report
      9. FREE Personality Strength Assessment for your Team
      10. FREE Risk Assessment and Gaps Report
      11. FREE Social Media and Digital Marketing Report
    • Join the SME Challenge now

      > We invite Business Owners to take the SME Challenge to grow your business to the next level.

      > When you join the SME Challenge, you enroll in a SME Accelerator Program to improve your business.

      > You will get tools, training, help and resources to grow your business.

      > It is FREE so there is NO MORE Excuses ! Join NOW and grow your business !

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    • Grow Your Business with SME Challenge Now

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