• Execution creates Success

    Solid Execution of your Business Plan is what will drive Results for your Business

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    Power of Execution

    Taking Decisive Actions in the Right Directions Brings Maximum Results
    We give you the Roadmap to Transform your Business and Scale to the next level

    We give you Group Master Class cum Coaching x 3 Sessions to Finetune your Business

  • The SME Challenge Coaching Process

    Coaching to help you Breakthrough your Business


    Attend the Business Transformation Training

    This training will layout the ground work for you to work on your business in preparation for the Group Coaching


    Do the Pre-Coaching Business Review & Audit

    You need to do some Personal Business Review to share with the Coach before the Coaching so that he have info to work on


    Join the Coaching Sessions. There are total 3 Sessions

    We will have 2 Group Coaching Sessions to help you work on your business and find new ways to break through

  • Overview of the Coaching Process

    Power up your business

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    Review & Audit

    Leverage Group Wisdom

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    Session # 1 :


    Be Accountable for Yourself

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    Session # 2 :


    Share Objective Insights

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    Session # 3 :


    Encourage One Another

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    Share Resources

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    Pre-Coaching Audit

    We will let you go through and do a few Business Audit prior to the first coaching session. The purpose is to allow the Coach to understand you business and what you are trying to achieve. After you complete the FREE Business Transformation Workshop, you will get the access to these Business Tools to grow your business to the next level. Every session will have some business work assignment for the iBosses to go back and do – which involves review and study of their business issues and game plan.

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    Session # 1 : Strategy

    Failure to develop a good strategy will lead to tragedy. In this coaching session, we will look at your business model and SWOT to identify the golden opportunities that you missed as well as the underlying threats that you overlooked. We will do a customer persona, map out your marketing objectives and design a content strategy to engage your prospects and customers better

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    Session # 2 : Systems

    We will do an introduction to design thinking and map out your customers flow through your business. We will review the business processes and SOP List you have drawn up as well as the various gaps and problems identified. We will do a Solutions Prioritization Exercise to help you identify and concretize how best to solve the various issues you face and do a Solution Roadmap with you

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    Session # 3 : Staff

    Most SMEs work with a very lean team and they have to mulit-task their various job roles. Sadly, the top-quality candidates are also hired by the top paying MNCs so we are left with resources that are not as motivated or engaged. For business break through, SMEs need a way to break this vicious cycle of “cannot find talent” and discover a new and better street-smart way of hiring and managing talents, develop a career pathway with Total Company Training Plan to help them upskill to the next level. You will get tools and help on how best to engage your staff and boost their Productivity and Motivation

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    Each session will have a short master class lesson and application (via Case Studies Sharing). We will review the various homework / audits participants need to do. Participants can then bring up their issues for group coaching guidance.

  • Benefits of Group Coaching

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    • Promote systems and strategic thinking
    • Build proficiency in reflection, reframing, questioning, problem-solving planning, and time management
    • Improve interpersonal support skills: listening, coaching, questioning, and feedback
    • Develop emotional Intelligence
    • Inspire creative thinking
    • Enhance personal flexibility and adaptability; sanctions effective responses to change
    • Decrease dependence on experts
    • Drive individual responsibility for learning and personal development

    How Group Coaching improves your Business

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    Business Growth

    The focus of the Group Coaching is to work with the Coachee to resolve their business issues in a group context. This is good because in a group setting, you will be able to get different perspectives on how best to manage your business issues.

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    Those connections you make in a group coaching program can help to make them as a great accountability buddies during the program. Not only that, but your coach will follow up with you after your hot seat to make sure that you took action on your challenge.

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    Cross Learning

    here’s a big benefit to listening to others’ challenges in their businesses and hearing the coach’s response. You’re learning from someone else’s experience, which is invaluable.

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    Lower Cost

    Business Coaching is not cheap as it is a High Value item. Being involved in a Group Coaching Program helps you to lower the cost of getting professional help to work on your business and resolve critical issues you are stuck with.

    About the Coach

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