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    How to Thrive in a Year of Crisis and Uncertainty

  • Tough Times Ahead ...

    The coronavirus outbreak is first and foremost a human tragedy, affecting hundreds of thousands of people. It is also having a growing impact on the global economy.


    At this time of writing, there have been more than 2,466,305 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and more than 169,338 deaths from the disease. Older people, especially, are at risk. More than 210 countries and territories have reported cases.


    Businesses are GREATLY Affected...

    Coronavirus: Empty checkpoints at Woodlands, Tuas as Malaysia lock down kicks in. Supply chain impacted

    People all over S’pore & the world clearing out supermarket shelves of food & toilet paper

  • FIGHT COVID : Business Success Program Topics

    Join us in this FIGHT COVID Program and map out your Plan of Action (POA) to Fight COVID-19 and Win the Battle

    Leadership Strategy : FIGHT

    This battle against COVID-19 is a Psychological Battle too. To win, you need to LEAD your people and channel their Fear Into Faith and Distress into Courage. To do so, you can Adopt the FIGHT Leadership Framework

    How to build the FIGHT in your People and rally them together:


    F = Focus
    I = Inspire
    G = Goals
    H = Health
    T = Tenacity


    Business Strategy : COVID

    One of the most important thing to survive and protect your business is to BOOST your Sales. To do this, you need to Re-engineer your Sales Model and transform the way you sell.

    How to BOOST your business sales during this Crisis:


    C = Customers (take good care of them)
    O = Opportunities (to do more sales)
    V = Value Creation (to improve how you serve your customers)
    I = Innovation (on your sales and marketing process)
    D = Daily Action Plan (for Sales and Operations)

    Management Strategy : COVID

    Successful business are Nimble and Adaptable. They see challenges and obstacles and react fast to it. A Visionary Boss will see the Clear Sky after the Storm and plan for Fast Recovery. Is the Cup Half Empty or Half Full ? Your Perspective will shape your Thinking, and your Thinking will drive your Actions. And your Actions will drive the Results.

    How to Steer and Strengthen your business during this Crisis:


    C = Consolidate (and Restructure your business)
    O = Operations (and Systems to streamline)
    V = VIP (to Value Add Innovate your People - Staff and Clients)
    I = Investments (personal and business)
    D = Decisions (to do things that is IMPORTANT for the future)

    Digital Strategy : COVID

    The COVID-19 pandemic has reveal many weaknesses of the SMEs. One key gap is that most SMEs are NOT fully Digitize. They do not sell online and do not know how to do effective online marketing. Online Branding and Customers engagement is also not done properly.

    We will share with you Case Study as well as a Roadmap on how you can digitize your business and start leveraging the Internet to help you grow your sales.


    C = Content Marketing
    O = Offline to Online
    V = Video Marketing
    I = Internet Social Media
    D = Digital Marketing

        Cyber Security

        COVID-19 has forced many businesses to implement Tele-Commuting and Remote Working Arrangement due to factors like Self Quarantine and City Lock Down. When workers are working remotely from home, the risk of Cyber Security Breaches becomes higher.

        We will share with you practical ways you can protect your data and prevent hackers from hacking or phishing your system through your staff who are working remotely from home or from a cafe. This advice can potentially save your thousands of dollars from having poor cyber security.

        Performance Management during Crisis & for Remote Working / Tele-commuting

        COVID-19 has forced many businesses to implement Tele-Commuting and Remote Working Arrangement due to factors like Self Quarantine and City Lock Down.

        How do you effectively track, monitor and measure the Productivity of your staff when they are working off site or remotely ?

        What is the best way to manage their performance ?

        We will share with you practical things you can do to manage Performance during this period, and some best practices on how best to do it well.

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