• CASH for Success

    Capital Acceleration for Startup HyperJump Program

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  • The Raffles Exchange Eco-System

    The 3 - in - 1 Triple Win Approach


    Start Ups and


    They need to raise funds and to tap into an established company distribution & eco systems to grow fast




    They need new ideas and fresh blood to inject into the business and scale with cutting age Deep Tech


    Investors, PE Funds and Family Office

    They need new projects to invest in, to make their money work harder, and to leverage for hyper-jump profit

  • Stakeholders Integration

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    The Ideas (Start Ups & Incubators)

    This group is critical to energize a flagging business and revive the Business Model. In today's hi-tech hi-touch era, we are looking at Deep Tech players to plug and play into Traditional Businesses to develop new sustainable revenue growth and profitability

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    The Vehicle (Listed Company)

    Many Traditional Business today are losing their competitive edge due to an erosion of innovation. Today's new currency is an innovative product to push up the growth. Their old DNA will not allow them to build a new deep tech business in-house. A graft and grow approach will be a faster way to make things happen

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    The Oxygen (Investors)

    30% of the population invests in some form of investments or another. In a developed countries, many of the citizens make investments to make their monies grow. They are constantly looking for reliable ways to invest their monies and we provide the platform to do so

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    The Strategist (Raffles Exchange)

    We play the critical role to connect all parties together. This involves the study of the personalities behind the deal. Often times, the alignment of values and personalities and strengths is what makes a deal successful. We play the role to evaluate and consult to make the deal work

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    The Methodology (Game Plan)

    We have a curated process to manage the deal flow and deal management. With a Team of highly experienced specialists all coming in to make things happen, we ensure that we have the right people in the right process to make the deal successful

  • Connections is Everything

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    Power of Networks

    For successful deal flow, the key is the Network and Relationship. Investment is built on Trust, and Trust is built on Results. We have a network of Investors and Deal Flows to make it Win Win for all parties

  • Overview of the Deal Process

    Hyper-Growth your business

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    Valuation Training

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    Prepare for Due Diligence

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    Review and Audit

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    Strategy Sessions

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    Start the Matching

  • Deal Process