• ITM Industry Clusters Networking Events

    ITM = Industry Transformation Maps

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    SME Challenge believes ITM is Key to help SMEs Transform & Grow

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  • An Introduction to the ITMs

    (Industry Transformation Maps)

  • The ITMs are Roadmaps to drive industry transformation for the 23 Industries identified -- each ITM has a growth and competitiveness plan, supported by the four pillars

    TIPS : Trade + Innovation + Productivity + Jobs & Skills

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    The ITM is the Strategy to help SMEs grow

    • 23 Industries are identified
    • They are grouped into 6 clusters (see below)
    • The Clusters Represents an "Eco-System" where the SMEs can collaborate and thrive

    The 6 ITM Clusters are as follow :

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    The Strategy & Logic behind the 6 Clusters

    There are synergies that can be exploited when we group them together - for networking and joint collaboration. Within each industries, there are also ways to upgrade the capabilities through R&D Innovation and adoption of New Tech and Deep Tech. By developing a Learning Roadmap for this cluster, it also help to upskill our workers for greater productivity and adoption of new technologies.

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  • ITM Initiative # 1

    > Promote Strategic Connections

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    # 1 > Promote Strategic Connections

    Having a Chat and Conversation is the key to get things going for the ITM Clusters. Opportunities and Ideas for Collaboration, Best Practices adoption are best done when the various SMEs in the Cluster meet and learn from one another.


    The SME Challenge works with the Trade Associations in the 6 ITMs Clusters to Organize Business Learning cum Networking sessions for their members to spark the Ideas and Knowledge Sharing - as well as to create opportunities to network for PACT : Partnership + Alliance + Collaboration + Trade Ventures

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  • Stakeholders Integration

    There are 5 Key Players Identified to make the ITM works

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    The Singapore Ministry of Trade and Industry will help SME enterprises seize these opportunities, by partnering them in their efforts to grow top line and scale up, and their investments in innovation and capability development. We will also support workers to deepen existing capabilities and develop new skills. Together with our industry stakeholders, we believe Singapore will be able to achieve sustainable economic growth and opportunities for all. This is the BIG Picture Mission.

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    Industry Associations

    There are 23 ITMs identified and they are grouped into 6 Clusters. The Big Idea is that these clusters form an Eco Systems to help promote trade, collaboration and increase the competitiveness of our SMEs. Each ITM has a Trade Associations helping to drive change for their members. These Trade Associations can leverage on the SME Challenge to help their SMEs improve their capabilities.

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    Productivity Centres

    Productivity Centres (PCs) are one-stop competency centres that help SMEs improve productivity in their businesses. Supported by Enterprise Singapore, the following PCs provide sector-specific productivity expertise and assistance to SMEs by helping them diagnose areas for improvement and supporting their implementation of productivity solutions.

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    Education & Training Providers

    These organizations play the role of helping to train and equip the SMEs and to raise the skills standards. This is usually supported by the Skills Future Courses. There are a lot of these players in the market because it is relatively much easier to sell programs with funding support.

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    The SMEs (Main Actors)

    Last but not least, we have the SMEs, or the Companies and Businesses in these 23 ITMs. They are the ones that are the beneficiaries of the entire ITM Framework. The end game is for them to up their skills and results through the ITM Initiatives.

  • Through the networking events, we aim to get all stakeholders into 1 room for strategic networking

    Building Connections to Hyper-Growth your business

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    Trade Associations

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    Productivity Center

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    Training Providers

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  • 4 ITM Pillars to help SMEs Grow

    TIPS for Growth



    SMEs need to expand and grow their business via Trade to overseas countries. Also known as Internationalization



    SMEs need to Innovate to grow to the next level. Innovation is a spirit and way of life. Like how Japan does it after WW2



    Productivity in all levels, from the staff to the processes. It has to be internalized and practiced to make a difference


    Skills & Jobs

    Need to Upskill the Staff so that they can be more Productive and Innovative. And how to Internationalize

  • ITM Initiative # 2

    Training to Strengthen 4 ITM Pillars

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    # 2 > Use Training to Strengthen the 4 ITM Pillars

    The ITMs are Roadmaps to drive industry transformation - each ITM consists of a growth and competitiveness plan, supported by 4 ITM pillars TIPS : Trade + Innovation + Productivity + Skills & Jobs


    The SME Challenge aims to work with the Trade Associations in the 6 ITMs Clusters to conduct training sessions for their members to strengthen this 4 ITM Pillars


    We do this through the range of training activities lined up for the SMEs. The details are listed below

    The Training Modules that strenghtens the 4 ITM Pillars

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    Trade & Sales Modules

    We have a program with DHL and Alibaba on how to Trade Across Borders. It covers the fundamentals of what to do when doing trading. Many SMEs make avoidable mistakes.

    It also covers how to Sell to China and includes case studies on how to do so. There are modules on how to sell using Online Platforms and using Ecommerce.


    For those who just cannot sell overseas, we also have a "Improve Your Trade" Sales Modules to help your sales team be more effective and productive.

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    Innovation Modules

    We do process innovation training as well as business model design workshop. This session helps the SMEs learn how to think out of the box and be Innovative in their approach to business.


    We also expose them to new Tech and Deep Tech so that they are aware of what is happening globally and the reality of the competitions they are facing. This will encourage them to embrace change and innovate to survive and thrive.

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    We have a suite of programs to help boost the Productivity levels from Boss to Staff, from Sales to Other Functional Departments. This is conducted using a Cognitive Approach to address the root issues hindering change and to energize the participants to want to improve themselves for the sake of their loved ones.

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    Skills and Jobs

    We have a wide range of curated and customized training to up skills the people that SMEs hire to help them to grow.


    Most importantly, we believe in Micro Learning on a Progressive basis. We understand most working adults struggle to balance work and family life. We work out a systems and roadmaps for them to customize a program to suit their own learning styles and to be accountable for the learning outcome.

    Summary of SME Challenge Training Roadmap

    and how it strengthens the 4 ITM Pillars

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