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  • Why and How SME Challenge starts

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    Mission of SME Challenge

    Help SMEs get Fitter for Business !

    Every SMEs needs the right help, guidance and resources to build their Core Business Competencies to help them be more competitive in the global marketplace


    We liken this to "Basic Healthcare" that all SMEs must get. When your health is good, it comes with better quality of life and you can have the options to do more things in life and get fitter


    Without Basic Health, it is not possible to get Fitter


    The SME Challenge helps you build your health and grow fitter and stronger

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    Vision of SME Challenge

    The Strategy to do it

    We take the best in class Consulting and Training Knowledge and Know-How and Best Practices from working with many SMEs and compact them into Micro Programs that will be manageable and easy for the SMEs to adopt and implement


    We also develop a Road Map to help them do so


    For those who knows exactly what they need, we also have a "Sushi Belt" concept where they can pick and choose what SME Challenge module they need to grow their business without having to do the rest


    For example, a SME may decide it just want to focus on the SALES Module first if its sales is weak. Another more established one may decide to take up the FREE CRM / HRM Modules to streamline their business and automate processes

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    Founder of SME Challenge

    Joseph Lee

    Joseph is the First batch of Business Consultant to be certified as a Practising Management Consultant. He specialized in following consultancy :

    • Branding
    • Franchise
    • HR OD
    • SQC
    • Service 
    And has a proven track record of helping his clients achieve better business performance
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    Joseph started his Consulting Career in 1996. He went on to join Arthur Andersen Business Consulting and set up his own practice in 2002


    In his younger days, he was a very active sports person until a back injury put him out of action for a period of time


    He used to lead a team of volunteers to the Chen Su Lan Children's Home. Once a week they will go and play with the children and give them tuition. He has also volunteered to run camps with the Boys Hostel



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    With his experience in HR OD Consultancy and doing lots of Singapore Quality Class (SQC) Consultancy, he went on to develop a set of online HR Tools to make it easier for his clients to upgrade their business processes and systems; as well as to implement the SQC Best Practices easily


    One of the HR Tool is the 5 Elements Personality Strength Assessment that he used for consultancy and team building activities in Singapore and Asia


    He has done a key note for 400+ CFOs in Hong Kong and use this tool and training for all HSBC Finance Team in their 5 regional centers in China


    CulinaryOn uses his Tool as part of the Team Building through cooking programs and his program was used to train all the managers in PRIME Supermarket (application example)

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    Main Gist of Joseph's Consultancy = RESULTS

    He was featured in a National Event at Shangri-La Hotel

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    Example of a Successful Case Study - SKP

    Sales grew by 17% , Customers Satisfaction by 27%

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    Branding & IMC Case Study

    (Integrated Marketing Campaign)

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    Featured in Media for helping SMEs

    Wrote a Book on the Consulting Methodology

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  • Why we run the SME Challenge FREE ?

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    Why Free ?

    Most SMEs are pretty much cash tight and that usually become an excuse not to take actions on things that will help them grow their business. We decided to make it FREE cos it level the playing field and everyone can simply come on board to start the journey to improve themselves and their business. No more excuses

    It boils down to whether you have the will & resolve to do something for your self and your business

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    Take the First Step to Power Up

    The Journey of a 1,000 mile begin with a single step. For transformation to happen, the SME has to take the first step towards positive change. We also give FREE to encourage them to take the first step safely without fear

    There's a Safety Net, join with no fear

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    Rules of the Challenge

    Success is up to you and the actions you take

    In our new members workshop cum networking session, we will some ground rules for participants. In brief they are as follow:

    • Serious participation in the program 
    • Positive and ready to learn attitude
    • Focus on Application & Action to grow your business
    • Be Professional and show Respect for all participants
    • No joining of events to hard sell your products & services
    • No spamming to the people you meet
    • Chatham House Rules apply
    • Above are some code of conduct to ensure a good process and experience for all participants


  • How to join the SME Challenge

    Register Online > Join the Networking cum Briefing Event > Start on the Challenge

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  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1. It is Free to join (as our Programs / Events are Sponsored)
    2. Our Programs have different Modules to meet different Business Needs
    3. Eg: Invite to various events and training; as well as access to resources
    4. When you join, you can choose what Modules / Resources you want
    5. Please Join our Program Briefing to know ALL the modules available to you and how to join in
    6. After you join Program Briefing, you will get a separate login page for express login for other events (no need to re key in your data again)
    7. You can Opt Out Anytime
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