• Training

    We provide FREE Training and Master Classes for SME Challenger and their Staff

  • SME Challenge "STAR" Accelerator Program

    Gives you Transformation Training in 3 Key Areas



    We conduct Business Transformation Training to grow your business



    We conduct Digital Transformation Training to grow your business



    We conduct Finance Transformation Training to grow your business

  • Business Transformation Training

    Reshape your Business Model & Compete better

  • Business Transformation Training

    Learn what to do to boost Your Business Performance (in this Half Day Training)






  • Overview

    In this Training, the trainer will share from Case Studies Best Practices you can apply to help your business transform and grow.


    Find out the 5 Things you can do to immediately tweak your business model and generate better results.


    Develop your Action Plans to close the gaps and improve your business


    You will get other resources to grow your business after attending this session

    Business Transformation Course Outline


    Business Model today is very much different from just 5 years ago. In this module, we will look at your:

    • Business SWOT Review
    • Business Model Design
    • Content Marketing Strategy
    • Business Growth Roadmap



      With a Clear Strategy, the next step is to look at how we can Systemize your Business so that it save you money and time:

      • Process Mapping to identify Gaps
      • Process and Outcome KPI Setting
      • Learn what Systems you can leverage to boost business performance


      Having a System is pointless unless you know How to Effective Engage and Deploy your Team to Get Things Done. What is the Best Practice to Track Results and Measure Performance.

      • Staff Engagement Strategies
      • Staff Development Strategies
      • Staff Appraisal Strategies


      Discover new Strategies to build your sales.

      • Sales Funnel Automation
      • Landing Page
      • Other Tools & Help we give to iBosses Members


      Your Business is only as strong as you are. As an entrepreneur, the ability to manage your own productivity and to lead your team is crucial to your success. A good leader is also someone who is able to do very good implementation - an Action Focused Leader

      • Roadmap to develop your leadership skills and managerial competencies

      About the Trainer

    • Digital Transformation Training

      Embrace a Offline to Online System to Expand your Business

    • Digital Transformation Training

      We have curated a set of Digital Training for our members. These are either conducted live, or via Zoom Classes. We have also curated a set of online courses for our members to view to learn about Digital Marketing.

    • Finance Transformation Training

      Leverage Finance & Capital Acceleration to Grow your Business

    • Finance Transformation Training

      We have curated a set of Finance Training for our members. These are either conducted live, or via Zoom Classes. We have also curated a set of online courses for our members to view to learn about Business Valuation

    • Master Class Training

      This series will be conducted at SMU

    • Master Class Training

      We have curated a set of Master Class Training for our members. These are either conducted live, or via Zoom Classes. They are the latest topics you need to master to take your business to the next level.

      Master Classes

      Business Succession Planning

      Develop a robust Business Succession Plan in advance so that you can take care of various business continuity issues as well as business risk management. A good Succession Plan ensures your family and loved ones are well taken care of in contingencies.

      Zero to Thousands

      Learn how to build your Community and your online brand. When you have a strong network, it is easier to launch new products and build your brand.

      Effective Sales Presentation

      Discover the Winning Formula to effective present and connect and sell to your prospects and from the stage. Master the 3 Steps Approach to pitch your business, products and solutions with a 80% chance of conversion.

      Sell to China Program

      1.Status quo

      2.Journey of the sales

      3.Cannot rush

      4.Time is your enemy

      How to Leverage Referral to grow Biz

      1.Intro meetings

      2.Fact-find meetings

      3.Collaboration meetings

      4.Proposal meetings

      AI Chat Bot

      Learn how to develop your AI Facebook Chat Bot to engage your customers and prospects.

    • Training for Staff

    • Staff Training

      Most SMEs do not have the Resources to send their Staff for training. We have designed a series of training specially for your staff to have continual education and upgrading without having to take time off from office or spend money ! This is the power of using online training and effective course design.

      Real Problems with Staff Training


      Problem # 1 – LONG Training Hours ) In the market, there are many Skills Future Courses BUT the only problem is they are designed to "Tap on Training Grant". This means most training companies have to design 1 to 2 days program in order to "max out" the training hours to get maximum funding. >> As such, it is hard to attend Highly Relevant and Short Concise Courses.


      Problem # 2 – Cannot do Online Class ) Due to Funding Requirement - most training courses also cannot be conducted Online >> This makes it hard for SMEs to release their Staff to attend training.


      Problem # 3 – Fragmented Learning ) NO Total Company Training Plan (TCTP) to guide the Growth of your people. Most trainers will sell and promote what they specialized in. >> There is NO Continuity.

      Solutions : We solve this problem by designing ultra relevant "to the point" courses that your staff can attend via zoom from the office.


      There are also video playback if they miss certain parts. We help design a solid Total Company Training Plan to ensure your staff are well trained.


      You just need wifi & PC / Handphone to start learning and growing. Cool right ?

      Problem # 4 – Expensive to Train Staff) The Reality is that it is hard to train your people without spending a lot of money using current training market scenario.

      10 x relevant training x $500 per training = $5,000 / Staff

      >> Most SMEs do not have much training budget.


      Problem # 5 – Staff Come & Go ) Another Reality is that staff today do not stay long with your company. After all the investment in their training & they leave = SAD

      >> Most SMEs cannot resolve this internal conflict.

      Solutions : We solve this problem by conducting FREE Training to your staff via solutions like using ZOOM Online Training functions. We do many small bite size nano / micro learning so that we teach them key skills and don’t bore them.

      We provide curate links to online learning via YouTube and other free resources so that the SMEs do not need to spend money for Staff Training. So when the Staff leave = lesser pain !

      SME Challenge Solution to Staff Training

      Nano / Micro Bite Size Learning using Online Technologies

      Goal Setting

      How to set goals and achieve them

      Develop good working habits

      Personal Productivity

      Learn how to manage your energy and time for Maximum Productivity

      Crave out more time for your loved ones and increase the impact of what you do at work daily

      Effective Communicator

      Life is a Series of Communications. In this training, we will help you develop good communications skills to ensure you can present your self and your ideas well, appear confident to your stakeholders and clients and how to sell your ideas without offending people

      High EQ Executive

      How to leverage on EQ to get ahead in Life

      Personality Strength

      How to work well with people

      Please Note that the Free Training does not include Training Venue, Refreshment and other costs like Material Cost. As part of the STAR SME Program, the various trainers and coaches are contributing their time and experience pro bono to train up SME Challengers and Staff. For certain trainings - there may be a small fee to cover venue rental or refreshment costs for example.

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