• The STAR SME Accelerator Program

    Helps SMEs grow their business through : Sales, Training, Action, Resources


    We have a SPRINT to Success program to boost your sales


    We conduct Business & Digital Transformation Training to grow your business


    We help you Execute and Implement your Business Plan


    We have collated a suite of Resources for you to use to scale your business

  • Benefits of Joining the SME Challenge

    Boost Sales

    1. Develop and implement your own unique lead generation strategies

    2. Build your Sales Pipeline

    3. Tap on different ways to get sales – including that of online & event

    4. Learn from top sales professionals their strategies to close

    5. Get motivations to keep going

    6. Your company sales man can join our Sales Master Mind group and be encouraged and motivated

    7. You and the Sales Man can join the Referral Networking Platform to get leads

    Achieve Better Results

    1. Accountability Tracking to help you be more successful

    2. Tap on Mentors and Peer’s Networking and Guidance

    3. Positioning as an industry expert when you implement your own content marketing strategy

    4. Set and achieve your goals

    5. Apply the keys skills of an Entrepreneur

    6. Get to attend networking events in order to meet new prospects and opportunities

    7. Achieve holistic 360 success

    8. Attain better work life balance


    Enjoy Cost Savings

    1. Cost Savings from special offers by our partners

    2. Process Optimization

    3. Productivity Improvement

    4. Access to resources not easily available to non members

    5. Enjoy special prices for goods and services

    6. We look out for good resources for you on an ongoing basis

    7. Attend special training by our partners

    8. Process Automation from use of technologies

    Increase Sales & Productivity

    1. Get training in Business Transformation

    2. Get training in Digital Transformation

    3. Competencies Development for Boss and Staff

    4. Training for your Staff to help them improve their productivity

    5. Knowledge you learn from our training is Power and Key Personal Success Differentiator

    6. Access to Private Knowledge Sharing by top Experts

    7. Tap on our curated list of training videos and resources

    8. Learn the latest important business skills to take your business to the next level

    Receive High Value Support

    1. Business Connection Help

    2. Business Matching Help

    3. Get Expert Advice for some of your business issues

    4. Tap on our Database to do marketing

    5. Train your staff and raise their productivity and motivation

    6. Peer to Peer Support

    7. Have a monthly event outreach platform where you can do one to many presentations to your prospects

  • How SME Challenge help SMEs grow ?

    Join now and get the following help to Grow your Business

    1. FREE Sales Training for boss and your sales team
    2. FREE Business Networking Event x 1 Visit
    3. FREE Apps & Softwares to manage your productivity
    4. FREE Master Class Trainings for your Staff
    5. FREE Resources to grow your business (ongoing basis)

    Become a STAR Entrepreneur Today

    If you want to achieve extreme success, you need to take massive actions in the right direction – stay focused and don’t settle for mediocrity. Be Awesome !

    Join SME Challenge FREE and enjoy the following

    1. FREE Sales Training for your self and your sales team
    2. FREE Business Networking Event x 1 Visit
    3. FREE Apps to manage your productivity
    4. FREE Master Class Trainings for your Staff 
    5. FREE Resources to grow your business (ongoing basis)

  • Join the SME Challenge now

    > We invite Business Owners to take the SME Challenge to grow your business to the next level.

    > When you join the SME Challenge, you enroll in a SME Accelerator Program to improve your business.

    > You will get tools, training, help and resources to grow your business.

    > It is FREE so there is NO MORE Excuses ! Join NOW and grow your business with:

    Boost your Sales

    Get new leads, train your sales team

    Develop your Staff

    Develop Leadership & Business Skills

    Take Action

    Implement your Business Plan

    FREE Resources

    Use the FREE Business Resources