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  • Art of Customer Attraction in the New Normal Economy

    4 Things you can do to Attract Customers into your Business All the Time

    4 Principles to Attract Customers

    #1) Business and Personal Branding as a Magnet to Attract Customers

    #2) Leverage Persuasion to Attract Customers

    #3) Trust is the New Currency to Attract Customers

    #4) Social Media Honey Pot to Attract Customers

    Case Studies sharing : How Trainer helps companies bring in more sales

    Customer Attraction is all the more important now in the New Normal Economy. The global lock down has forced all businesses to a corner and business today is hyper competitive. Customers are very careful about spending during this difficult period and it is so much harder to get them to say yes to the sale.


    To do well, you need to elevate the way you brand and position your product and services, redesign the way you do sales (more persuasion and less hard sell) and engage with your prospects and customers to build trust so that you remove all friction to a “YES – I will buy from you” decision.


    The trainer will share with you some universal principles you can apply to help you attract more customers to your business across all industries.

    #1) Business and Personal Branding as a Magnet to Attract Customers

    Gary Vaynerchuk said this - if you are not leveraging on social media for yourself, you are going to lose out to other competitors.


    If you are not putting yourself out there on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram, you are going to be irrelevant.


    We will walk you through actionable steps and know-hows to develop your business and personal brand so that you can attract more customers into your business.

    #2) Leverage Persuasion to Attract Customers

    In this session, I will share with you why and how famous brands like Coke persuade customers like you to buy their product.

    Case Studies : How I use persuasions to help companies bring in more sales

    I will be sharing some case studies and how I have gotten them results so you can use it for yourself as well. Wisdom is learning and adapting what works for yourself to your own business.

    #3) Trust is the New Currency to Attract Customers

    In this era of fake news and false claims, skepticism is at its all time high.


    People are unsure if what you are saying is the truth and they want credibility.


    What do they do? They do a Google search, they whatsapp and ask others for your credibility.


    How do you make sure that you are credible in eyes of your customers and staff?

    #4) Social Media Honey Pot to Attract Customers

    Bees will naturally fly to honey.

    How do you make use of the 2 main social media honey pot Facebook/Instagram to start promoting your products/services organically and pull in the customers ?


    How to effectively use paid advertisement to reach out and attract more customers?


    I will share with you what I do and with a history of at least half a million dollars spent in paid advertisement, I can share the secret of what works and what will not.

  • Our Distinguished Speakers

    Mr Lenney Leong


    Get Customers

    Get Customers Expert

    Lenney Leong is a founder of an advertising agency called Get Customers. He has started several businesses and has worked with seven figure revenue market leaders in getting the results that they want. He has been featured on Forbes and has his projects featured on TodayOnline and Radio 91.3FM and other media publications.

    What makes him different is he use unconventional storytelling to get his message out, an example would be doing short videos with impactful messages. One of his videos even went viral with at least 2 million views and he is doing more videos on his page and social media as well.

    Speaking about social media, he has spent at least half a million dollars in paid advertisement on both Instagram and Facebook. Collectively he has reached millions in his advertisement and is working towards more impact to his audience.

    He has also spoken alongside Gary Vaynerchuk, Brian Tracy, Marshall Thurber, Dear Alyne and other renowned speakers in Unstoppable Summit 2020 with over 5,000 Attendees from Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and a few other countries.

    Mr Joseph Lee

    SME Challenge

    Business Transformation Expert

    Joseph started the SME Challenge with the mission to help as many SMEs as he can to develop the core capabilities that will help them compete better in a globalized economy.


    As a Practising Management Consultant, Joseph has been helping SMEs grow their business through a Consulting Project approach. He realizes that many SMEs just could not afford the consultancy fees to help them transform their business and remains stuck or stay at Status Quo.


    He has designed a Roadmap to help SMEs transform their business and improve their performance with the SME Challenge STAR SME Methodology.

    Joseph will share about the SME Challenge, the STAR SME Framework and how SMEs can leverage on it to grow their business. He will also kick off the SME Challenge @ SMU Program.

  • Workshop Time Table

    Programme for the Day

    1.45 pm | Registration


    2.00 pm | Opening Address by UOB-SMU AEI


    2.15 pm | SME Challenge


    2.20 pm | Get Customers Workshop - by Lenney


    3.20pm | Q&A


    3.30pm | End of Event

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