@ Mapletree Industrial

    You can choose what Modules to participate in when you Join the FIGHT COVID Program


    1) 4 x Building the Business of the Future Webinars @ Mapletree Industrial Trust


    2) Sales Training for Boss & Staff

    3) Training @ UOB SMU AEI

    4) e-Learning Platform Access

    5) 1 Page Business Plan to monitor progress

    6) Group Coaching & Consulting


    The above are SPONSORED for Mapletree Tenants and Participants of the FIGHT COVID Program


    We will do a Program Briefing after you enroll

    Join the FIGHT COVID Program now to Rebuild & Expand your Business

    Join FIGHT COVID Program NOW & U can Choose the Modules you want

  • Beyond COVID-19 : Building the Business of the Future​

    4 power packed webinars to reshape your business

    Webinar # 1 > Remodel your business – manage new business expectations

    Learn from our Distinguished Panel of Business Owners & Entrepreneurs on how you can transform the way you do business

    How to REMODEL your business Post COVID Crisis using the Business Framework


    C = Customers (take good care of them)
    O = Opportunities (to do more sales)
    V = Value Creation (to improve how you serve your customers)
    I = Innovation (on your sales and marketing process)
    D = Daily Leadership (for Sales and Operations)

    Webinar # 2 > Redesign Digital Business – the world is your market

    Learn from our Distinguished Panel of Business Owners & Entrepreneurs on how you can transform the way you do business

    How to move your business to the Digital Space


  • 4 x Future Business Webinars

    4 perspectives to manage your business better

    Webinar # 1

    Remodel your Business

    Webinar # 2

    Redesign your Digital Buiness

    Webinar # 3

    Restructure your Business

    Webinar # 4

    Revitalize your Workforce

  • Webinar Time Table

    Date : 10 Sept 2020 (Thursday) | Time : 2 - 4 pm

    Webinar Program

    1.45 pm | Start Registration

    2.00 pm | Start of Seminar

    2.00 pm | Opening by Mapletree

    2.05 pm | UOB-SMU AEI Sharing

    2.10 pm | SME Challenge Sharing

    2.15 pm | Speaker 1

    2.30 pm | Speaker 2

    2.45 pm | Speaker 3

    3.00 pm | Panel + Q&A

    3.30 pm | Virtual Networking

    4.00 pm | End of Event

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    Will be emailed to all signed up participants

    Digital Website Audit & Consultancy

    Yellow Pages

    FREE Digital Audit & Consultancy

    To boost your website and online Activities

    Online e-Training for Boss & Staff

    The Professionals Center

    FREE Curated eLearaning Tracks for your Staff to raise their productivity at our Global eLearning Platform

    LinkedIn Marketing & Sales Training

    The Professionals Center

    FREE Sales Training with Coaching to empower SMEs Sales Team to sell better

    Various Resources

    By Different Sponsors

    Info will be provided on an Ongoing Basis to all participants

  • Beyond COVID-19 : Building the Business of the Future

    @ Mapletree Industrial Other Forums

    Supported by UOB-SMU AEI

    Digital Framework

    (Oct 20)

    Design your Business Digital Blueprint

    Management Framework

    (Nov 20)

    Risk Management & Business Continuity

    Leadership Framework

    (Dec 20)

    Leadership & Management

    FIGHT COVID CEO Program @ Mapletree Industrial

    Other Support We Offer to Our Tenants

    FIGHT COVID Program Offerings

    We have lined up a suit of programs, training and resources that SMEs will need to help them cope with the Pandemic

    These Programs are described in more details below.

    To create a Custom Track for your own business, please join the FIGHT COVID Program Briefing cum Virtual Business Networking with other Participants. Joseph will help you craft out your own Business Transformation Roadmap.

    Monthly Trainings @ UOB-SMU AEI

    We organize Monthly Business & Digital Transformation Training @ UOB-SMU AEI as part of the SME Challenge Program

    As part of the Program, you can attend the specially curated Masterclass training at SMU. You can also access all the past program videos we have organized after signing up for the program.

    SME Consultancy Program

    Participants can join the SME Consultancy Program

    • A dedicated team of 3 student consultants (mainly undergraduates) will work closely with the company under the mentorship of a project advisor, who is usually a subject matter expert or an industry practitioner, for the consulting project.
    • Each project costs S$5000 which covers stipends to the student consultants and honorarium to the project advisor.
    • Projects that are approved will receive a subsidy of 70% on the cost of the consulting project. Hence, SME pays S$1500 (excluding incidental expenses and GST).
    • The project duration is between 16 to 20 weeks.

    CEO Round Table Discussion

    There are a Total of 4 Frameworks that will help you Re-engineer your business to adapt to the new normal. The Frameworks offer you a Strategic Overview to identify all the key areas to help you stabilize your business.

    After you join the Event, you will get access to join our CEO Round Table to discuss how you can implement the Framework for your business and access to the Speakers and Sponsors for their wisdom and experience.

    BONUS : Digital Transformation Program

    The COVID-19 pandemic has reveal many weaknesses of the SMEs. One key gap is that most SMEs are NOT fully Digitize. They do not sell online and do not know how to do effective online marketing. Online Branding and Customers engagement is also not done properly.

    We have a program to help you digitize your business and start leveraging the Internet to help you grow your sales.


    C = Content Marketing
    O = Offline to Online
    V = Video Marketing
    I = Internet Social Media
    D = Digital Marketing

        BONUS : GROW Your Sales Program

        We have a series of Sales Program to help you power up your Sales. This comprises of Training and Events to help you get Leads and Equip your people.

        Businesses need to leverage on all the strategies and tactics you can adopt to help you close more sales or to win the competitions.

        • Cold Prospecting to generate more Leads (Using LinkedIn and Sales Funnel)
        • Business Referral to get Warm Leads
        • Leverage Personal Network & Branding to get Warm Leads
        • Better Engagement to get more Traction for Sales (using Content Marketing)
        • Sales Presentation Training to increase the chance of Closing
        • 3 Parts Sales Training on the Core of Sales Process
      • Yes, I want to join the FIGHT COVID Forum and Transform my business

        Beyond COVID-19 : Building the Business of the Future

      • FIGHT COVID Program

        Media Features and Resources

        FIGHT COVID Case Studies Sharing @ UOB SMU AEI (Asian Enterprise Institute)

        FIGHT COVID Case Studies Sharing @ SPETA

        (Singapore Precision Engineering & Technology Association)

        FIGHT COVID Framework Overview

        SME Challenge - STAR SME Accelerator Program Sharing

        SBF BizQ Magazine Feature

        The SME Challenge - Fight Covid Program is reviewed together with other Training Programs in the market by NTU (Nanyang Technological University) Professor Dr. Clive Choo and presented in SBF - Singapore Business Federation BizQ Magazine.


        In his Learning Quadrant, the FIGHT COVID Program is covered under the most ideal quadrant - the Movie Maker.


        It is considered to be very Integrated and easy to implement.


        Case Study Example used:


        Company W has a working business model, but requires innovative methods to grow the business during the pandemic.


        A ‘Movie-maker’ type of course is helpful.


        The recommendations are easy to implement even though the process entails a number of functions.

        Read the Full Article on Framework here :  https://bizq.sbf.org.sg/a-roadmap-to-recharge-through-training/

      • Yes, I want to join the FIGHT COVID Forum and Transform my business

        Beyond COVID-19 : Building the Business of the Future