• Mastermind to Grow Your Business

    We run Mastermind Groups for group mentoring and accountability tracking

  • Mastermind Group

    A mastermind group is a peer-to-peer mentoring concept used to help members solve their problems with input and advice from the other group members.


    The concept was coined in 1925 by author Napoleon Hill in his book The Law of Success, and described in more detail in his 1937 book, Think and Grow Rich.

  • Benefits of joining a Mastermind Group

    Be "WISER"


    Leverage Group Wisdom

    Insights Sharing

    Share Objective Insights



    Be Accountable for Yourself


    Encourage One Another


    Share Resources

  • Power Up your Business with a Mastermind Group

    5 Benefits of Joining a Mastermind Group


    Tap on Group Wisdom

    In our Mastermind Group, we bring together iBosses from various industries to form this group. When we meet, we will also discuss business issues and problems faced and tap on the collective wisdom of the group to help the boss facing the situation to make a better decision

    Insights Sharing

    Industry Insights

    The power of tapping on 30-40 bosses insights to the problem you are facing will help you make better decisions. Often times, the Mastermind Group members will be able to help you see a problem or opportunity in a new light and their sharing will be able to help you have a break through in your perception and thinking process

    Self -- Accountability

    Be Accountable


    When you are the boss, the buck stop at you. So who do you stay accountable to ? As the CEO, one of the thing you can do is to be accountable to your business coach or mentor for following through things that are important for your business. Another option is to be self-accountable to your Mastermind Group for key actions you want to see implemented



    Doing business is tough and the stress level is extremely high. Many iBosses struggle on their own day in and day out. Business problems are such that it is hard for a boss to share with his staff


    Very often, if the spouse is not in the business, they will also find it hard to identify and sympathize with what a Business Owner has to go through. Joining a Mastermind Group will give you that support you need, especially when the going gets tough

    Resource Sharing

    When you want to go fast, you travel alone, when you want to go far, travel in a group
    The Mastermind Group with it’s diversity of members allow the pooling and sharing of resources and know-how.

    You can gain insights to how things are done or get feedback from another CEO how something works for him or her.

  • Types of Mastermind Groups

    We organize 2 types of Mastermind Groups to help our iBosses grow their business

    Bosses Mastermind

    The Bosses Mastermind Group focus is on leadership, business learning and growth via group or peer-to-peer mentoring. We meet regularly and adopt both a structured cum member driven agenda to go through key business concern areas.


    The Bosses Mastermind Group will also have access to a Leadership Communications Group where you will learn how to communicate and pitch better

    Sales & BD Mastermind

    The Sales BD Mastermind Group is a platform set up to help Sales and BD professionals have their own safe space to go to for

    • continuous learning and development, 
    • peer to peer mentoring and guidance 
    • peer to peer cross referral to get business leads
    • access to the Sales Mastery Academy training 

    as part of the Mastermind Group value add.

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