• Sales Referral to Boost Sales

    The Best way to get sales is Through a Solid Referral to a Right Client

    • What is Referral Marketing
    • Understand the 5 Levels of Referral
    • Good and Bad Referral
    • How to give a Good Referral
    • How to receive Good Referrals
    • How to build Trust and Confidence
    • Do effective Follow Up 

    How Referral improves your Business

    Business Growth

    Solid word of mouth referrals improves your closing rate by as much as 80%. It is an important way to gather leads. When you give good referrals to others, they will also reciprocate back to you. This helps you grow your sales.


    When you join a Sales Master Mind Group, it holds you accountable to do Active Prospecting and Regular Referrals. This helps to keep you on your toes. The positive environment also helps energize you.

    Expand Your Leads and Networks

    Being a good referrals partner to others help you to expand you leads and network.

    Lower Cost

    When you build a strong referral network, it lower your cost of doing business. In terms of marketing costs and online social media marketing cost for example. For your info, across board, we are seeing a spike in cost of social media campaigns to generate the same ROI as before.

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