• "SPRINT to Success" Sales Training

    Attend 2 x Zoom Training to power up your sales and generate more leads (cover total 4 modules)

  • The SPRINT to Success Sales Program

    Power Up Your Sales Training – By Fraser Morrison

    Module One

    Sales Model Review

    Module Two

    Lead Generation

    Module Three

    Meetings Structure

    Module Four

    Time Mgmt & Goal Planning

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  • 4 x Modules Training

  • Sales Trainings


    Module One

    Sales Model Review


    Module Two

    Lead generation


    Module Three

    Meetings structure


    Module Four

    Time management and goal planning


    4 x Sales Training to Boost your Sales Model

    Module One

    Sales Model Review

    This is a review of who is there. Doing a series of surveys and getting all to frame out where they are and what their challenges are. Selling is difficult and in a group session like this, the learning comes from each other. Session one is to look at data from the group, the surveys and get them to do a series of things that allow them to absorb the next three sessions. We will also work through a goal planning session in this where each person will build out their goals for the next three weeks.

    Module Two

    Lead generation

    This session is where we show three methods of lead generation that allow you to scale your business. The net result of this session is a guarentee that you will be able to book 3 meetings a week going forward from it that you were not booking before.

    1. LinkedIn

    2. Referrals

    3. Networking


    We will show you a method that works and demonstrate the method give you a solid framework for doing this.

    Module Three

    Meetings structure

    How to do a meeting, how to ask questions and what a helathy meeting should be. The core of this is to step away from pitching, step away from price and focus on building relationships and understanding your clients.

    Module Four

    Time management and goal planning

    We will review what you do from a time management point of view. You will Look at what you have been doing time wise and this will lead nicely into goal planning and setting targets for the next 3 months based on what you have done over the previous four weeks.

    About the Trainer

    Fraser Morrison

    CEO, 10,000 Steps Pte Ltd

    Fraser believes great salespeople are developed the same way as great athletes - with a blend of raw talent and consistently excellent training. He has 32 years of sales and sales management experience in the UK and Singapore. His journey from the ground up, through self education and Steve Schiffman's training, brings a humble and unique aspect to his consultancy.


    Fraser has a genuine and unique love for salespeople, rooted in his father’s selling career spanning over 50 years. His passion is to reduce the pressure they face, increase their turnover and empower them to work in a scalable, secure model.


    Fraser believes in trust - building a personal connection, offering high-quality, relevant, accessible advice. He embodies the values of his company through leading an active, healthy lifestyle. He participates in triathlons and biking competitions, where he has achieved 5th in the world in his age category in 2013.


    Selling in the 21st century is getting both easier and tougher. There are many reasons for this. Ranging from culture changes, behaviour changes, technology, expectations, sales cultures etc. The main thing to accept is that the world is changing and that we need to adapt. So the big question is, how do we use the changes to help us scale?

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    This Training Program is designed for the Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and the Business Sales Managers to build the foundation to scale their business to the next level. It is designed to cover the 5 key gaps that most sales professionals neglect. When you closed the 5 gaps – they have the power to help you double your sales and personal productivity.

  • Pre-session Training Video

    There’s a Total of 5 Modules and 17 Videos to watch before you start the Actual Sales Training. This will give you the foundation from which you will be able to build on.

    The 5 Topics are:

    1. Overview of business development

    2. Lead generation

    3. Appointment booking

    4. Meetings structure overview

    5. Types of Meeting

    Pre-Sessions Training Videos (to watch first)

    Overview of business development

    1.How we learn and how we apply information

    2.Dunning Kruger effect

    3.Why we struggle

    4.Culture of business development

    5.Who makes a good sales person

    6.CRM and why metrics hold your model together

    Lead generation

    1.Collection of names

    2.Linked-in and optimizing it

    3.Networking at an event

    4.Referrals and the secrets around them

    Appointment booking

    1.Phone call





    Meetings structure overview

    1.Status quo

    2.Journey of the sales

    3.Cannot rush

    4.Time is your enemy

    Types of Meeting

    1.Intro meetings

    2.Fact-find meetings

    3.Collaboration meetings

    4.Proposal meetings

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