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    Investors, Business Owners

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    Specialists & Professionals

    You are an Accountant, Lawyer, Consultant etc or

    You run a professional service firm

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    Employees & Senior Mgmt

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  • Overview of STAR SME Program

    The STAR SME Accelerator Program is designed to help SMEs big or small get started on the Journey to transform their business to become a STAR SME. It is holistic and covers all the main ingredients a SME need to grow their business.

  • S ales

    SME SPRINT to Success Program

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    SPRINT to Success Program

    The SPRINT program is a comprehensive program to help SME Bosses and Sales / BD Team on the 5 Key Elements to better sales. You will learn how to do better and targeted prospecting and lead generation. We also organize a Sales Master Mind group for your Sales / BD Team to do active Business Referral with other sales people. There are also a series of Sales Training we conduct to help you and the sales team to be more effective in developing and nurturing your sales leads and convert them.

    >> What you will get when you join iBosses

    4 x Sales Training

    We have lined up 4 x training for your Sales Manager / Staff to help them generate more leads and how to nurture and convert them

    Sales Mastermind Group

    We will organize a Mastermind Group for your Sales and BD Staff so that they can do cross selling and referral with other Sales BD People

    Referral Training

    Get training on how to do effective Business Referral and how to get quality ones from other sales people in the Mastermind Group

    Sales CRM

    Get Access to a 3 months CRM FREE Trial to get started to boost your sales process better and increase the sale performance

    Sales APP

    Access our curated Free Sales APP to boost your sales. This include various APP to manage the sales process better

    Sales Pitching Training

    We train you on how to do a solid effective and impactful pitch to your prospects and people you meet in different situation and events

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  • T raining

    Lifelong Learning is key for Success

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    Strengthen Your Human Capital

    Grow and Scale Your Business with our Specially Crafted Training Programs

    To improve your employees performance and productivity, we curate a series of training, including Business Transformation Training, Digital Transformation Training, Master Classes and also Staff Training.

    >> What you will get when you join iBosses

    Business Transformation Training

    Business Transformation Training Topics to boost your success - eg: How to do a Brand Audit, Do a 1 Page Business Plan

    Digital Transformation Training

    Digital Transformation Training Topics to boost your success - eg: Digital Audit Workshop, Digital Marketing Workshop

    Staff Development Training

    We conduct Staff Training for you to help raise their productivity and morale - eg: Set and Achieve Goals, Personality @ Work, Communications Training

    Online Micro Training

    We curate a list of Training that iBosses and Staff can access online for learning on the move. They are micro learning courses (MLC)


    We organize regular Seminars series on the latest relevant business topics of interest to the business community

    Partner's Training Events

    Get access to our Partner's Learning and Development Events. This include Seminars, Workshops and other Master Classes

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  • A sk the experts

    Get Professional Advice to avoid future penalties and pain

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    >> What you will get when you join iBosses

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    Consult the Experts for your Business Issues

    Professional Advice will help you avoid making costly mistakes

    We have a Team of Experts comprising : Legal, IP Lawyer, Corporate Secretary, Auditor, Accountant and other Specialists helping SMEs in their day to day business. We hold clinics and meet the experts session for SMEs to tap on their knowledge and know how

    • The questions posed can be summarized into an Ask the Experts Forum page where people can refer to and get answers to commonly asked questions
    • Experts can also do a video sharing of key stuff in their trade and we put on Youtube for our participants to view
    • Eg: IP Lawyer share on IP Laws, M&A expert share on M&A topics

    >> Get useful tips from our Panel of Experts

    1. Legal
    2. IP
    3. Franchise
    4. Branding
    5. Podcasting
    6. Community
    7. Accounting
    8. Corp Sec
    9. Audit
    10. Cyber-Security

    11. HR
    12. Recruitment
    13. Technology
    14. Crypto
    15. Digital
    16. Video
    17. Web
    18. Online marketer
    19. Content creator
    20. Education Institute

    21. Business Succession
    22. M&A
    23. VC PE
    24. Investment
    25. Insurance
    26. Property – Commercial
    27. Property – Industrial
    28. Health
    29. Fitness
    30. Software Developer

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  • R esources

    We get good deals and resources for our members

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    >> What you will get when you join iBosses

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    Resources to power up your business

    Leverage these resources to grow and scale your business

    • FREE CRM for 3 months
    • FREE FAST JOB Posts
    • Other Resources to be shared when you join
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  • S upport

    We provide essential support to our members

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    >> What you will get when you join iBosses

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    We provide critical support for our members

    We are constantly adding new support to help our members. To find out more, click the button below

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  • M astermind

    Join a Mastermind Group to Accelerate your Business

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    >> What you will get when you join iBosses

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    Benefits of Mastermind Groups - be WISER

    Group Wisdom + Industry Insights + Self-Accountability + Encouragement + ​Resource Sharing

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  • E xecution

    Action & Implementation is the KEY to Success

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    >> What you will get when you join iBosses

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    Execution make things happen, not ideas

    Adopt a proven framework to help you implement your business plan

    • 1 x Business Transformation Training - 5 Steps Methodology
    • Pre-Coaching  Business Audit
    • Coaching Session # 1
    • Coaching Session # 2
    • 12 Weeks Action Plan for future work
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