• FIGHT COVID Case Studies Sharing @ SPETA

    Case Studies sharing @ Singapore Precision Engineering and Technology Association (SPETA)

  • FIGHT COVID : Case Studies Sharing

    Join us in this Workshop and hear how Companies are overcoming COVID-19

    Business Transformation Framework

    Successful business are Nimble and Adaptable. They see challenges and obstacles and react fast to it. A Visionary Boss will see the Clear Sky after the Storm and plan for Fast Recovery. Is the Cup Half Empty or Half Full ? Your Perspective will shape your Thinking, and your Thinking will drive your Actions. And your Actions will drive the Results.

    How to Steer and Strengthen your business during this Crisis:


    C = Customers (how to retain and attract customers)
    O = Opportunities (you will get this period)
    V = Value Creation (to enhance how you serve your customers)
    I = Innovation (on your products, services and business model)
    D = Daily Management (do things that is IMPORTANT everyday)

  • Program Overview

    The One who can Faster Adapt, Survive and Thrive (FAST). Joseph Lee


    # 1 ) Introduction to SPETA

    # 2 ) Overview FIGHT COVID Framework

    # 3 ) Case Studies Sharing

    # 4 ) Q&A

    # 5 ) Virtual Networking

    Introduction to SPETA

    Singapore Precision Engineering and Technology Association

    Introduction to the FIGHT COVID Frameworks

    Case Studies Sharing

    Case Study # 1

    Elise Hong, Executive Director of JCS-Echigo Pte Ltd , and Deputy Chairwoman of SPETA will share how she apply the FIGHT COVID to her business.


    JCS-Echigo serves leading MNCs globally in Asia, Europe and North America. JCS-Echigo has achieved the prestigious Enterprise 50 awards in 2013 and Elise has been featured in Business Times, Straits Times, NTUC Newsweek & SPRINGNews.

    Case Study # 2

    Mr Mun Kok Woh. Founder and Managing Director at ASTech Pte Ltd. He is the Chairman of SiTA, Deputy Chairman of SAIG, SMF.


    ASTech formed Smart i4.0 Transformation Alliance (SiTA) with 21 International and Local Companies.


    ASTech is an automation system provider, factory of future integrator and turnkey design house. We provide engineering solutions, automated machines and total automation turnkey solutions to manufacturing companies to streamline their manufacturing processes, improve productivity and reduce their operations cost.

    Case Study # 3

    Jeremy Fong , CEO of Fong’s Engineering & Manufacturing Pte Ltd will share how he apply the FIGHT COVID to his business.


    Fong’s Engineering & Manufacturing is in the business of providing the best healthcare solutions for its customer's businesses. Together with our customers, we are driven to make healthcare better.


    Fong's DNA is very customer centric and it is very focused on doing what’s right for all those customers that we serve.

    Case Study # 4

    Steven Koh is the Executive Director of SPETA and a Transformation Expert. He has helped many SPETA members transform and innovate their business.


    Prior to SPETA, Steven joined MCE as independent Director on 28 April 2016 after he retired from Armstrong Industrial Corporation Limited (hereinafter referred to as “Armstrong”).


    He joined Armstrong in 1998 as Group General Manager,and was appointed to the board in 2000, and subsequently its Deputy CEO. He retired from active position from March 2015 and continue to serve as advisor till December 2015. Mr Koh has held several management positions in major banks. He was the Chairman of the Singapore club in South Korea when he was the General Manager of a major local bank.


    He had been appointed by the Commissioner of Inland Revenue as a member of Taxpayer Feedback Panel – Mandarin Dialogue for a 2-year term, from 1st September 2012 to 31 August 2014. A deputy Chairman in Singapore Precision Engineering and Technology Association from 2012 to 2014. He is now their advisor and concurrently a Business Advisor appointed by SPRING Singapore.

    Questions & Answers (Q&A)

    Ask our Panel and Speakers any Questions you have regarding how they transform their business, implement the FIGHT COVID Framework and their wisdom on how they grow their Companies and weather the many storms the EntrepreneurSHIP journey brings.

    Join the VIRTUAL Networking after the Event

  • Joseph Lee

    Will do a Short Sharing on the FIGHT COVID Framework

    Mr Joseph Lee

    SME Challenge

    Business Transformation Expert

    Joseph started the SME Challenge with the mission to help as many SMEs as he can to develop the core capabilities that will help them compete better in a globalized economy.


    As a Practising Management Consultant, Joseph has been helping SMEs grow their business through a Consulting Project approach. He realizes that many SMEs just could not afford the consultancy fees to help them transform their business and remains stuck or stay at Status Quo.


    He has designed a Roadmap to help SMEs transform their business and improve their performance with the SME Challenge STAR SME Methodology.

    Joseph will share about the SME Challenge, the STAR SME Framework and how SMEs can leverage on it to grow their business. He will also kick off the SME Challenge @ SMU Program.

  • Workshop Time Table

    Programme for the Day

    2.45 pm | Registration


    3.00 pm | Opening Address by SPETA


    3.05 pm | SME Challenge


    3.10 pm | 4 Case Studies


    4.15 pm | Q&A


    4.30 pm | End of Event


  • FIGHT COVID Program

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