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  • The New Normal for Digital Marketing

    The One who can Faster Adapt, Survive and Thrive (FAST). Joseph Lee


    # 1 ) Understanding Data

    # 2 ) Ecommerce

    # 3 ) Leveraging LIVE Broadcast and Webinar

    # 4 ) Social Media Platforms

    # 5 ) Profiling and Branding

    COVID-19 has transformed how we do business. And now we are talking about adapting to a New Normal. In this new state, we see changes in how Tech and Digital Marketing are deployed in businesses.


    In this training, the trainer will take you on a Journey to explore the newest digital frontier that is happening now and which COVID-19 has helped to accelerate.


    The Trainer will share 5 Digital Marketing Areas you can and must deploy to help you boost your business in 2020.

    #1 ) Understanding Data

    Is data part of your daily routine? Are you asking questions such as, who are my customers? What do they say about me? What are your customer sentiments towards your brand? These are areas that are important to identify and we will look at some sources of data that can help you identify next steps in your business.

    #2) Ecommerce

    Digitizing and transforming how you sell is something you need to do for your business.

    The Trainer will show a platform that is easy to set up and this might just ease you into developing your own ecommerce arm for your business in a hassle free way.

    # 3 ) Leveraging LIVE Broadcast and Webinar

    Online meetings and event broadcasting will be the next way to go for events. See how some event companies are transforming the way they engage.

    #4) Social Media Platforms

    With the ever changing and new platforms that are arising, let’s look at some new digital updates that you could think of utilizing into the business. – Facebook ads, Twitter updates, Tik Tok

    # 5 ) Profiling and Branding

    Are you checking on your digital profile often and are you keeping updated? As a brand, the team you have is also important as the face of the company. Let’s explore some immediate key actions you can do to raise your brand profile online.

    The Trainer has extensive experience helping clients transform with the above 5 points and she will be sharing Case Studies to help you see how to get things done

  • Our Distinguished Speakers

    Ms Rachel Poo


    Resolutions Asia

    Digital Transformation Expert

    Ms Rachel Poo is a Digital Marketing Strategist and Specialist. As the founder of Resolutions Asia, she is constantly on the lookout on developing more offerings and services that the company can provide to brands and businesses in the area of analytics and digital marketing. She has been actively involved in projects and research for F&B, malls studies, consumer retail, to name a few.


    She has strong beliefs for training and a company should keep building up on knowledge. With her Certification as an ACTA Trainer, she develops and provides mentorship programmes on social media sentiment analysis, digital marketing and help business understand their branding and operations better. As a HR major, she also has the interest to help brands build their branding presence on digital, not only for sales, but also for staff retention, building on human capital.


    Currently, she is much involved in clients in the start up phases who are looking to grow their business. She guides them on the start up process, data management and analysis of their business, business mentoring and growing their individual business. She puts her resourcefulness in her experience and network as a President of BNI Affinity, that is an international networking group. Rachel has the love of wanting to understand the business and clients needs, and derives satisfaction from happy clients.


    Prior to this, she was in To The New, an integrated Digital Marketing Agency for 6 years, servicing clients and the organization in various roles as an account manager, project lead, campaign specialist and team manager. She also rose to be the Assistant Vice President of the digital marketing arm of To The New, S.E.A in the last 2 years and managed the organization’s operations.

    Mr Joseph Lee

    SME Challenge

    Business Transformation Expert

    Joseph started the SME Challenge with the mission to help as many SMEs as he can to develop the core capabilities that will help them compete better in a globalized economy.


    As a Practising Management Consultant, Joseph has been helping SMEs grow their business through a Consulting Project approach. He realizes that many SMEs just could not afford the consultancy fees to help them transform their business and remains stuck or stay at Status Quo.


    He has designed a Roadmap to help SMEs transform their business and improve their performance with the SME Challenge STAR SME Methodology.

    Joseph will share about the SME Challenge, the STAR SME Framework and how SMEs can leverage on it to grow their business. He will also kick off the SME Challenge @ SMU Program.

  • Workshop Time Table

    Programme for the Day

    1.45 pm | Registration


    2.00 pm | Opening Address by UOB-SMU AEI


    2.15 pm | SME Challenge


    2.20 pm | 5 TOP Marketing Hacks Workshop - by Rachel


    3.20pm | Q&A


    3.30pm | End of Event

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